Multi-Pedal reinforcements

  • IMPORTANT: The multypedal tray is necessary to be able to anchor the reinforcement, this extra is not intended to natively anchor the pedals but to reinforce the pedal tray

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If you are looking to maximize the NWS series pedalboard, this is the solution. If we add the 6mm of the plate to the 4mm that we already have in the standard multi-pedal tray, we obtain a 10mm plate and we achieve unparalleled rigidity.


  • Made of 6mm steel and painted with black epoxy paint
  • Very easy installation by having 4 threaded holes. It is only necessary to present it at the bottom and screw the 4 screws into their corresponding holes from above.
  • Includes screws for fixing
Weight7,9 kg
Dimensions60 × 42 × 10 cm